The Puma Football Ad

One of the less known football merchandise brand Puma came up with the best advertisement that was able to propel them to the next level despite the problem caused due to lack of funds that they had encountered especially during the world cup. They designed videos with the message of love=football campaign that would be able to capture a lot of peoples attention

Through their innovativeness they were able to come up with a viral advertisement which they were not sure would take the spectators by storm. Through the two viral videos they were able to communicate a lot to the fans who came to view the football matches.

The marketing manager Brett Bellinger was able to come up with the idea despite the issue of the limited amount of funds he knew it would be hard to be able to capture the market in the international arena.

The response was overwhelming especially from the different social networks where the fans were able to post their comments once they were able to view the video on you tube. The video was designed in such a way that one of the helicopters flew right on top of the stadiums.

The helicopter flew in some of the stadiums and on one of the stadiums it was seen that different vehicles had been arranged to portray love=football message.

This video accompanied with another one was able to receive large overwhelming response from the blog messages that were posted on the sites concerning the advert and how they easily determined it was the puma brand even without the video beingufabet เว็บพนันออนไลน์ยอดนิยม branded to belong to puma.

Due to FIFA regulations the agency given the job to do the advertisement had to be precautious and make the advertisement in such a way that FIFA would not penalize them for infringing on the set down rules.

It wasn’t an easy job to do especially for the agency Gloo that was responsible for the advertising having to compete with football merchandise brands such as Nike, Adidas and Umbro whom already had their presence felt by the merchandise which both the players and the fans were wearing.

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