A College Football Recruiting Journey – Measuring Your Athlete’s Measurables

Recently my son participated in his first ever combine. A combine is where you can obtain your measurables. They include, the 40-yard dash, agility (short shuttle), 3-cone drill (L-Cone drill), bench press or power ball (Used at Nike SPARQ Combines), and the vertical.

There are many another measurables but these are ones that you will typically see for high school combines. I felt as a rising 9th grader that Bryson needed to understand and evaluate himself from some sort of starting point. What were his measurables? Would he run fast enough?

Did he have the techniques down pat? All of these questions definitely made me แนะนำเว็บ ufabet nervous, because these measurable are part of what college coaches’ use to evaluate your athlete and used as part of the equation for a D1 football scholarship.

On several occasions my son had been hand timed by his trainers, but I felt he needed to experience first hand not only what it took to compete in a combine, but also a chance for him to measure himself against others, those that he eventually would be competing against for a D1 football scholarship.

I refer to DI scholarships because that is my son’s goal. There are plenty of other schools that include DI-AA, DII and NAIA that give football scholarship money. Be on the lookout for

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